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C-Top (poklopac lanca)

C-Top is usually a plastic cover for chains that may be very easily attached. It’s enough load power for chains conveying items. As opposed to traditional plastic chains, it could possibly be applied below large stress as stainless steel chains. It’s a great resolution for your use that necessitates the strength of steel chains totally free from concerns of damaging, soiling, and jamming of goods. Furthermore, it prevents operators from staying caught through the chains. It might also be applied since the cover for chains used for elevating devices such as multilevel parking machines.
Primjenjivi lanci
Može se spojiti na lance koji odgovaraju ANSI #40, 50, 60.
Sorta zubaca lančanika
Use sprockets with twelve or a lot more teeth.
Check the outer diameter of the hub.
The standard color for this solution is blue gray. Other colours is usually provided based upon the amount.
Lubrikant za lanac (420 ml)/ Lubrikant HI-PWR (330 ml)
Chain Lube is really a spray form lubricant that was designed specifically for chains. It’s outstanding options that lengthens the chain daily life stopping it from sporting and maximizes the chain’s transmission efficiency.
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?General conveyor chains ?Motorcycle chains
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? Lančanici
?Fantastic adhesion and less splatter. ?Fantastic lubricity to boost put on
? Fantastičan prodor.
?High corrosion prevention effect. ?Fantastic water resistance and unlikely
to become washed away by water.
? Velika otpornost na toplinu.
?Ne oštećuje O-prstenove.